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30 November, 2016

The Adobe Flash Player is a freely available software (i.e. anyone can download free of cost). It supports video, sound, can execute rich Internet applications and can stream video and sound. Abobe Flash Player can run on a web browser (as a plug-in) or on any mobile device. Various version of Flash Player are available. Your web browser (or your mobile phone) will prompt you to upgrade the Adobe Flash Player version, in case you are running a lower version.

Flash Player was originally made by Macromedia. Flash Player software creates the source file .fla which further converts to the flash animation file - .swf. The latter file (.swf) is normally used on the web browser through internet. The source file (.fla) is used to do any future edits on to the Flash animation.

Flash Player does supports vector and raster design, 3D representation, and can insert scripting language called Flash action scripts, executed in Action Script Virtual Machine, and streaming videos and sounds files. Action Script depends on ECMA Script, and they support object-oriented code (OOPS), and is very similar to JavaScript. Flash Player is used widely, with more than 90% used on internet. It is typically configured for games, animation, and GUIs that is embedded into website pages. Adobe Developers, the creator of Adobe Flash Player, claims that over 400 million (out of over 1 billion internet users) upgraded to the new version of Flash Player within six weeks of its release.

Flash Player can downloaded and upgraded without a cost. The plug-ins are compatible for all future version of web browsers (for example, all version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari) on select operating systems. Google Chrome browser distributes package along with the sandboxed Adobe Flash plug-in that keeps supporting the plug-ins in Windows 8. Flash Player is backward compatible.

Various advantages of Flash Player make a popular software to work with throughout the world. Nevertheless, it has some associated problems too, such as interruption in playing audio and videos. Some people even face Adobe player installation/uninstallation problems on Window Operating System or on MAC. Others face Flash Player compatible issues/ Upgrade issues with web browsers (especially on Firefox).

So, for uninterrupted experience of using Abode Flash Player, one should have some technical knowledge to troubleshoot common problems related to Flash Player or one should go for Adobe Flash Player Support.